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Your go-to toolkit to empower young minds! Crafted with love, this vibrant set not only introduces children to the art of resolving differences with grace but also instills the positivity of uplifting affirmations.


Dive into real-world kid-centric scenarios and boost your child’s problem-solving and social skills.


Every card is a step towards building tighter ties and fostering resilience in your little champion. Make every playtime peaceful and purposeful with Buddy Builders!


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🌟 Buddy Builders: Conflict Resolution Flashcards and Affirmations 🌟

Dive into a collection specially crafted to equip kids with the power of problem-solving and stellar social skills. Buddy BuildersConflict Resolution Flashcards and Affirmations not only introduce children to conflict resolution but also embed the positivity of affirmations in their young minds.


Buddy Builders includes:

  • 30 conflict scenarios
  • 15 affirmations about conflict resolution
  • PNG files (4″ x 5.5″)
  • Editable PPT file and Canva template for easy customization
  • Also available in ready-to-print PDF format (A4)
  • Private Label Rights


  1. Role-Playing Games: Use the conflict resolution flashcards as a basis for role-playing activities. Let kids take turns acting out both sides of the scenario, discussing and then demonstrating the best ways to handle each situation.
  2. Daily Affirmation Ritual: Start or end each day by having your child pick a random affirmation card, read it aloud, and discuss what it means to them. It’s a positive habit that encourages introspection and growth.
  3. Story Expansion: After discussing a scenario, encourage kids to weave a detailed story around it. This helps in expanding their imagination, while also embedding the lesson learned deeper into their minds.
  4. Group Discussions: In classroom or group settings, use the cards as discussion starters. This can encourage children to share personal experiences, learn from others, and realize they’re not alone in facing conflicts.
  5. Conflict Journal: After discussing a card, have the child jot down or draw how they would feel in that situation and ways they could resolve it. Over time, this journal becomes a tangible record of their growth in conflict resolution.

Don’t miss out on this chance to empower young minds through conflict resolution. With the bonus of PLR, educators, and sellers can also adapt it to fit their unique audience’s needs.



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