Autumn Woodland Activity Book


Unveil the wonders of fall with our 50-page “Autumn Woodland Activity Book.” Designed specifically for pre-schoolers, this fall printables brim with captivating activities like tracing, counting, shadow matching, and much more, all set amidst the rich backdrop of autumn with cute woodland characters! A must-have for fostering early learning in a season of change!


You will also get 5 FREE printable fall wall art when you purchase these printable fall-themed preschool activity pages!


Private Label Rights (PLR) included.


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🍂Capture the Magic of Fall🍂

With the rustling leaves and the woodland critters prepping for winter, autumn is a season filled with wonder. But how do you bring that magic right into your child’s hands?


Introducing the Autumn Woodland Activity Book – where the vibrant shades of fall meet enriching learning experiences. This isn’t just another activity book. It’s a journey through autumn, crafted with love, to stimulate young minds and enhance their skills.


Here’s a peek inside:

  • Tracing: Perfect those tiny hand movements, setting a strong foundation for writing.
  • Counting: Dive into the basics of numbers, all with a fall twist.
  • Shadow Matching: A fun way to boost observation and matching skills.
  • Mazes and More: Engaging challenges that promise both fun and learning.

Autumn Woodland Activity Book includes:

  • 50-page pre-school activity pages
  • 1 cover page
  • Editable PPT file and Canva template for easy customization
  • Also available in ready-to-print PDF format (8.5×11 in)
  • Private Label Rights

If you’re an educator, blogger, or small business owner looking to expand your product line or offer more value to your audience, we’ve got something special. With the Private Label Rights option, you can customize and resell this activity book as your own or use it in your classes, making it a perfect addition to your resources, especially during the fall season.



  1. Customized Learning Packs for Parents: Parents can tailor the “Autumn Woodland Activity Book” to suit their child’s specific learning needs. Add, modify, or combine pages to create a bespoke learning experience that aligns with what their child loves most about autumn.
  2. Classroom Supplements for Teachers: Educators can infuse seasonal charm into their curriculum by incorporating these activities. Whether it’s for homework, class assignments, or fun breaks between lessons, teachers can edit the content to align with their teaching style or lesson objectives.
  3. Seasonal Printables for Etsy Sellers: Etsy sellers can revamp the activity book to match their store’s aesthetic, adding their unique touch or branding. It’s a fantastic opportunity to offer a seasonal product that resonates with both kids and their caregivers during the fall.
  4. Interactive Learning Kits: Combine the “Autumn Woodland Activity Book” with other educational resources like flashcards or fall-themed crafts. Parents and teachers can create comprehensive autumn learning kits for kids to explore at home or in the classroom.
  5. Personalized Gifts for Special Occasions: Parents and Etsy sellers can customize the activity book to include children’s names or special messages, turning them into thoughtful gifts for birthdays or achievements. They can even add a section where kids can draw or write what they’re most thankful for, making it a cherished keepsake for Thanksgiving.

Don’t let this opportunity leaf 🍁 you behind. Grab the “Autumn Woodland Activity Book” today and step into a world of fall-themed education, creativity, and business potential.



  1. You have the right to use the PLR product as-is or modify it as you wish.
  2. You can sell the PLR product under your own name and branding.
  3. You can package the PLR product with other products or create a bundle offer.
  4. You can sell the PLR product on your own website, marketplace or e-commerce store.
  5. You can use the PLR product as a lead magnet to grow your email list.
  6. You can use the PLR product to create a membership site or course.
  7. You cannot resell the PLR product as PLR, i.e. you cannot give your customers the right to modify and resell the product.
  8. You cannot use the PLR product for unethical purposes or in violation of any laws.


Embrace the charm of autumn and unlock endless learning adventures! Grab the ‘Autumn Woodland Activity Book’ now and let the fall festivities begin! 🍂📘🖍️


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