Discipline Challenge for Kids and Affirmation Cards


Unlock the door to a world where discipline meets fun! This unique toolkit is designed to inspire and motivate children towards self-improvement and positive behavior.


This editable and printable set is tailored to foster discipline, accountability, and positivity in the most delightful way.


Looking for a meaningful gift? Give the gift of self-improvement and joy with our Discipline Challenge & Affirmation Cards. Perfect for any occasion!


Private Label Rights (PLR) included.


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Discipline Challenge for Kids and Affirmation Cards

Introducing our 30-Day Discipline Challenge for Kids, a captivating adventure designed to instill the values of discipline and personal responsibility joyfully and engagingly. This unique digital toolkit includes 44 beautifully crafted pages filled with daily journal prompts, a comprehensive challenge checklist, and a celebratory certificate of completion. Tailored for young minds, it turns the concept of self-discipline into an exciting quest filled with learning and personal achievement.


Complementing the discipline challenge, our set of 20 Bee Gnome-themed affirmation cards serves as daily reminders for kids to stay motivated and on track. These beautifully designed cards are not just about discipline; they’re about creating a positive and structured routine that children look forward to each day. Sized perfectly for little hands, these cards are a constant source of positivity and encouragement.

This package includes:

  • 30-day Challenge for Kids (44 pages)
  • 20 affirmations cards
  • PNG files (4″ x 5.5″)
  • Editable PPT file and Canva template for easy customization
  • Affirmation cards are also available in ready-to-print PDF format (A4)
  • Private Label Rights



  1. Personalized Classroom Behavior Management Kits – Teachers can utilize the Private Label Rights (PLR) to create customized behavior management kits tailored to their classroom’s unique dynamics. By editing the content to include specific classroom rules, rewards, and challenges, educators can foster a positive learning environment that encourages discipline and personal responsibility.
  2. Customized Home Schooling Curriculums – Parents who homeschool their children can integrate the Discipline Challenge and Affirmation Cards into their daily routines as part of a customized curriculum. By adapting the challenges to align with their educational goals and incorporating subjects and skills that are being taught at home, parents can make learning more interactive and engaging.
  3. Themed Motivational Workshops for Kids – Printable sellers or educators can host themed motivational workshops or camps using the Bee Gnome-themed Discipline Challenge and Affirmation Cards. By leveraging the PLR, organizers can develop unique workshop materials that teach children about discipline, goal setting, and positive thinking in a fun and immersive setting.
  4. Reward-Based Discipline Programs for Parenting Blogs or Websites – Owners of parenting blogs or websites can use the PLR to create reward-based discipline programs for their readers. By customizing the challenge checklist and affirmation cards, they can offer a downloadable resource that parents can use to incentivize and track their child’s progress.
  5. Educational Subscription Boxes – Entrepreneurs in the educational space can include customized versions of the Discipline Challenge and Affirmation Cards in subscription boxes focused on child development and learning.

Start your child’s adventure today and watch as they blossom into disciplined, confident individuals ready to take on the world.



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  8. You cannot use the PLR product for unethical purposes or in violation of any laws.

Join our community of educators and parents who are transforming the way children learn about discipline and self-worth. Get your copy now!


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