Wizards of Empathy: A Deck of Magical Connections


Unleash the power of empathy and watch as it transforms lives, builds bridges, and creates a more compassionate world. Get your printable and editable template of “Wizards of Empathy” today and embark on a journey of magical connections.


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Wizards of Empathy: A Deck of Magical Connections

Step into the enchanting world of “Wizards of Empathy: A Deck of Magical Connections” – a captivating collection of 30 empathy exercises designed to ignite compassion and foster meaningful connections in children.

With our printable and editable template, you hold the key to unlocking the power of empathy.


Wizards of Empathy includes:

  • 33 PNG Files (3×4 in)
  • 30 printable empathy exercise cards
  • 2 beautifully designed backing cards
  • Editable PPT file and Canva template for easy customization
  • Also available ready to print PDF formats (8.5×11 in)

Here are 5 unique ways to use “Wizards of Empathy”:

  1. Parent-Child Bonding: Strengthen the bond with your child by engaging in empathy exercises together. Use the deck as a tool for heartfelt conversations, exploring different perspectives, and deepening your understanding of one another. Watch as empathy blooms and connection thrives.
  2. Classroom Wizardry: Create a magical atmosphere of empathy in your classroom. Incorporate the empathy exercises as part of your character education or social-emotional learning curriculum. Facilitate discussions, role-play activities, or journal reflections using the exercises to nurture empathy and compassion among your students.
  3. Coaching Compassion: As a coach or mentor, use the empathy exercises to develop emotional intelligence and empathy in young minds. Integrate the exercises into team-building activities, leadership development programs, or one-on-one mentoring sessions. Witness the transformation as empathy becomes a superpower in their lives.
  4. Educational Empathy Enhancer: Enhance your educational resources and materials with the power of empathy. Customize the exercises to align with your educational content and incorporate them into worksheets, lesson plans, or interactive games. Nurture empathy while educating young hearts and minds.
  5. Small Business Magic: Infuse your products or services with the enchantment of empathy. Customize the exercises to align with your brand and incorporate them into your children’s books, workshops, or coaching programs. Cultivate empathy while building your brand and making a positive impact.

Harness the power of empathy with “Wizards of Empathy.” With full customization rights and private label rights, you have the ability to weave your own magic into these exercises. Spark empathy, understanding, and kindness in the hearts of children everywhere.



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Get “Wizards of Empathy” now and embark on a magical journey of empathy and connection. Unlock the secrets of compassion and make a lasting impact on the lives of children. Let empathy be your guiding light.


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