The Three Piglets Story & Activity Book


This delightful 43-page Story and Activity Book. Perfect for young minds eager to explore, this printable pack combines the classic fairy tale with a host of engaging activities including mazes, color-by-numbers, drawing and writing prompts, and much more. Each page invites children to dive deeper into the story, enhancing their reading, problem-solving, and artistic skills in a fun and interactive way.


Ideal for parents, educators, and bloggers, this versatile book also comes with editable templates and private label rights, allowing you to personalize and share the content as you see fit.


Whether you’re looking to enrich your classroom curriculum, offer enticing lead magnets on your blog, or give your child a creative outlet at home, The Three Piglets Story and Activity Book is your gateway to a magical world of learning and creativity.


Private Label Rights (PLR) included.


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The Three Piglets Story & Activity Book

Dive into a world of fun and education with The Three Piglets Story and Activity Book. This 43-page treasure trove is not just about reading; it’s an interactive journey that combines the timeless tale with engaging activities designed to spark imagination and enhance learning. From challenging mazes that weave through the narrative to color-by-numbers that bring scenes to life, every page promises a blend of fun and educational value. The short, classic story is perfectly paired with creative tasks that encourage young readers to connect with the content in a meaningful way.


Unlock your child’s artistic potential with an array of drawing and writing prompts related to The Three Piglets. Each activity is designed to foster creativity, enhance writing skills, and build confidence. Whether it’s rewriting the ending of the story, designing a new home for the pigs, or expressing thoughts through character diaries, these prompts provide a perfect platform for budding artists and writers. The inclusion of editable templates means endless possibilities, allowing kids to customize their adventures with the three little pigs.


The Three Piglets Story and Activity Book is tailored to delight children of all ages. With its mix of classic storytelling and interactive content, this book is ideal for both young readers who are just beginning to explore the world of books and older children looking to express their creativity. The printable format makes it easy to use anywhere, from home to the classroom. Plus, with private label rights included, educators and parents can freely distribute and even brand their copies, making it an invaluable resource for group learning and entertainment.


This Workbook includes:

  • 42-page interior
  • 1 cover
  • Editable PPT file and Canva template for easy customization
  • Also available in ready-to-print PDF format (8.5×11 in)
  • Private Label Rights



Unlock endless possibilities with private label rights! Here are five unique ways to use this product with PLR:

  1. Customized Classroom Curriculum: Educators can use the private label rights (PLR) to integrate the story and activity Book into their lesson plans. They can customize the content to match specific teaching objectives, add school logos, and modify activities to cater to different learning levels.
  2. Branded Camp Workbooks: For summer camps or after-school programs, administrators can brand the activity book with the camp’s logo and specific themes, creating a unique, engaging workbook for children to use throughout the session. This can include camp-specific challenges or rewards linked to the activities within the book, fostering a sense of achievement as kids complete each task.
  3. Blog Content and Lead Magnets: Bloggers focusing on parenting, education, or children’s activities can use the book as a resource to generate content. They can offer customized excerpts as free downloads in exchange for email subscriptions, or create blog posts that guide parents or fellow educators on how to use the activity book effectively with children of various ages.
  4. E-commerce Product Expansion: Printable sellers can include the book as part of a larger package of educational materials or seasonal promotions, such as a back-to-school bundle. They can add their brand to the book and complement it with other printable items like calendars, art templates, or reading logs to enhance its market appeal and utility.
  5. Thematic Birthday Party Kits: Create a “Three Piglets” themed birthday party kit by customizing the book with birthday messages, personalized puzzles related to the birthday child, and games that can be played during the party. This can be sold as a digital download or physical kit that parents can use to plan and execute a memorable and educational party theme.

Transform Learning Today! Get your customizable copy of The Three Piglets Story and Activity Book—perfect for educators looking to bring creativity into the classroom.



  1. You have the right to use the PLR product as-is or modify it as you wish.
  2. You can sell the PLR product under your own name and branding.
  3. You can package the PLR product with other products or create a bundle offer.
  4. You can sell the PLR product on your own website, marketplace or e-commerce store.
  5. You can use the PLR product as a lead magnet to grow your email list.
  6. You can use the PLR product to create a membership site or course.
  7. You cannot resell the PLR product as PLR, i.e. you cannot give your customers the right to modify and resell the product.
  8. You cannot use the PLR product for unethical purposes or in violation of any laws.

Enhance Your Product Line! Add The Three Piglets Story and Activity Book to your shop. It’s fully customizable to match your brand!


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