10 Engaging Religious Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is more than just egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. It’s a time of profound reflection and joy within the Christian faith, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As parents, we have the beautiful task of introducing our children to the depth of this season, blending the solemnity of Good Friday with the joy of Easter Sunday.

But how do we do this in a way that’s both meaningful and kid-friendly? Here are ten engaging religious easter activities for kids that not only teach the Easter story but also invite your whole family into a deeper experience of this sacred time.

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Easter Story Cookies

Imagine baking cookies with your kids, where every step tells a part of the Easter story. From cracking eggs to representing the tomb to adding sweet spices as a reminder of the spices used to anoint Jesus’ body, this activity is deliciously memorable. It’s a perfect way to discuss the story’s elements in a tactile, engaging way.

religious Easter activities for kids - Easter story cookies

Resurrection Eggs

This DIY project involves filling a dozen eggs with symbols of Jesus’ journey to the resurrection, like a small cross for his crucifixion or a piece of linen for his burial. It’s a hands-on way to walk through the Easter story with your kids, opening each egg to reveal its significance and sparking meaningful conversations.

Here is a step-by-step guide to Making Easter Resurrection Eggs.

Easter Garden

Creating an Easter garden is a wonderful project that helps kids visualize the resurrection. Use a small dish, add some soil, and plant quick-growing seeds or grass. Craft a tomb and a stone from clay or rocks. As the seeds grow, they remind us of new life, mirroring the message of Easter.

religious Easter activities for kids - Easter garden

Palm Sunday Walk

Reenact Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem with your own Palm Sunday walk. Make palm branches from construction paper or gather real ones if available. As you march around your home or yard, it’s a great opportunity to discuss the story of Palm Sunday and what it signifies.

Good Friday Art

Art is a powerful medium for expression and reflection. Encourage your kids to create artwork based on the Good Friday story. They can paint, draw, or even sculpt, expressing their thoughts and feelings about Jesus’ sacrifice. This not only fosters creativity but also deepens their connection to the story

Easter Story Stones

Painting stones with symbols or scenes from the Easter story, like an empty tomb or a garden, is a creative and tactile way to engage with the narrative. These stones can be used to retell the story, helping kids remember the sequence of events and their meanings.

Here is a step-by-step instruction in Creating Easter Story Stones.

religious Easter activities for kids - Easter story stones

Sunrise Service Participation

If your community hosts a sunrise service on Easter morning, consider attending or even organizing one. It’s a beautiful tradition that commemorates the discovery of the empty tomb at dawn. Experiencing this with your children can be incredibly impactful, highlighting the joy and communal aspect of Easter.

Lenten Journal for Kids

Now, I’m excited to share something special—our printable Lenten journal designed for kids. This journal is a thoughtful way to guide your children through Lent, offering prompts and activities that connect directly to the Easter story. It encourages daily reflection, helping kids understand the significance of this season on their terms. Pair it with our unique prayer cards for a daily dose of inspiration and reflection. Perfect for parents seeking unique religious easter activities for kids.

religious Easter activities for kids - Lenten Journal for Kids

Crafting Prayer Cards

Speaking of prayer cards, why not make your own? This can be a fun craft activity, and it also serves as a meaningful way to encourage prayer throughout Lent and Easter. For those looking for something ready-made, our beautifully designed prayer prompt cards are perfect for daily use, offering a simple yet profound way to engage with your kid’s faith.

Hosting an Easter Story Time

Lastly, organizing an Easter story time can be a delightful way to bring the Easter narrative to life. Use your favorite children’s Bible or Easter storybooks, incorporating the themes from our Lenten journal and prayer cards to enrich the experience. It’s a cozy, intimate way to discuss the stories and their meanings, making them accessible and engaging for kids of all ages.

Easter is a season rich with meaning, offering endless opportunities to teach our children about love, sacrifice, and renewal. By integrating these activities into your celebration, you’re not just keeping them entertained—you’re inviting them into the heart of the Easter story. Our Lenten journal and prayer cards are designed to complement these experiences, providing your family with tools to deepen your faith journey together.

As we prepare for Easter, let’s embrace these moments to teach, reflect, and grow. It’s in these shared experiences that we find the true joy of the season, making memories that last a lifetime. Happy Easter to you and your family!


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