Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book


Step into the enchanting world of Oz with “Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book,” a 45-page journey that combines the timeless story of The Wizard of Oz with a treasure trove of engaging activities. Designed for children aged 7-12, this printable book includes mazes, puzzles, math problems, writing, and drawing prompts, all tailored to enhance problem-solving skills and spark creativity.


With editable files and private label rights, it’s an ideal resource for teachers, parents, and educational content creators looking to provide a personalized and immersive learning experience.


Private Label Rights (PLR) included.


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Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book

Dive into the whimsical world of “Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book,” where every turn of the page brings a sparkle of magic and a dash of learning. Ideal for children aged 7 to 12, this 45-page printable masterpiece blends the enchanting tale of The Wizard of Oz with interactive mazes, puzzles, and fun-filled challenges. Watch your little ones enhance their problem-solving skills as they navigate through the twists and turns of Dorothy’s iconic journey.


Who says education can’t be exciting? With “Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book,” learning comes alive through engaging writing prompts and creative drawing exercises that complement the classic story. Each activity is designed to spark creativity and improve cognitive skills, making this book a treasure trove of knowledge that feels like playtime. Whether solving math problems with Scarecrow or exploring colors in the Emerald City, your child’s learning journey is as vibrant as Dorothy’s own.


Enjoy endless hours of entertainment with the freedom to print activities as many times as you like. This activity book not only offers editable files, allowing you to customize the learning experience but also comes with private label rights, making it an invaluable resource for educators, homeschooling parents, and young learners. From classroom activities to cozy learning sessions at home, “Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book” is your go-to for a fun, educational experience that children will adore.


This Workbook includes:

  • 44-page interior
  • 1 cover
  • Editable PPT file and Canva template for easy customization
  • Also available in ready-to-print PDF format (8.5×11 in)
  • Private Label Rights



Unlock endless possibilities with private label rights! Here are five unique ways to use this product with PLR:

  1. Customized Classroom Curriculum: Teachers can tailor “Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book” to align with specific educational themes or school projects. By using the editable files, they can integrate questions that relate to current lessons, such as themes of bravery, friendship, and problem-solving, making the book a recurring part of the classroom experience across various subjects.
  2. Personalized Home Learning Kits: Parents looking to enhance their child’s educational journey at home can use this activity book as a base to build comprehensive learning kits. They can include supplementary materials such as related reading books, crafts, or science kits that link to the story’s events, providing a holistic learning experience that keeps their child engaged and entertained.
  3. Coaching Tools for Child Development: Coaches, especially those focusing on young children’s cognitive and emotional development, can adapt the activities to help children enhance specific skills like critical thinking, patience, and emotional understanding. The ability to edit the files means that coaches can repeatedly modify the content to suit individual coaching sessions or group workshops.
  4. Engaging Content for Blogs:  Bloggers who focus on parenting, education, or child development can use segments of “Dorothy’s Magical Adventure Activity Book” to create engaging blog posts. They can offer printables from the book as freebies to subscribers or use them as examples in articles that offer tips on teaching various skills through literary themes.
  5. Exclusive Products for Printable Sellers: Printable sellers can customize and package different parts of the activity book into unique themed learning packs to sell in their online stores.

Grab Your Magical Adventure Today! Enhance learning with creativity and fun!



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  8. You cannot use the PLR product for unethical purposes or in violation of any laws.

Start Your Journey in Oz! Download Dorothy’s Activity Book now and transform learning into an adventure!


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